Five Tips for Choosing the Best Name Badges for Trade Show Exhibitors

If your company has purchased a booth at a trade show, that is a great way to do some face-to-face marketing with new clients. So that attendees who enter your booth can easily identify your sales reps, everyone should wear a name badge, but which types of name badges are best for trade shows? Here are some tips to keep in mind as you order your badges:

1. Skip the pins.

In most cases, when you are doing your trade show, your employees dress their best to make a positive first impression to new clients, and they don't need pins ripping through their best clothing. To prevent that, opt for name badges on lanyards. They are reusable, comfortable and no threat to clothing. You can have name badges professionally printed and attached to the lanyard, or you can buy plastic sleeves that allow you to print your own name badges and slip them inside.

2. Consider a pen holder.

Look for lanyards with pen holders. As your staff makes contacts at the show, they may want to jot down a few details, or they may want to write their mobile number on the back of a business card for a new client. Additionally, pens are great for filling out raffle tickets (another convenient way to collect contact details of potential new clients).

3. Make the first name prominent.

Once you've selected the type of holder you want for your name badge, you need to design the badges. Make the first name of each sales rep the biggest part of the badge. If you include surnames, make them slightly smaller than the first name. This helps to create intimacy with any clients or sales prospects that come into your booth, as it puts everyone on a "first name basis" from the start.

4. Add your company logo to the name badge.

Trade shows are all about getting your company name out there, and you should leverage the branding opportunity as much as possible. To that end, make sure that you include your company logo on all of your name badges. The logo can stand alone above or below the employee's name, or it can be slightly faded, covering all of the name badge, with the name printed boldly over the top of it.

5. Include an online tag.

In addition to your employees' names and the company logo, you may also want to include some online information on each name tag. If you use twitter a lot in your marketing, for example, have your company's twitter handle on each name tag. Alternatively, have the twitter handle of each employee of their own name badges. Keep in mind, you don't have to be restricted to twitter handles -- use whatever type of online address makes sense for your company.