What Good Public Relations Work Can Bring to Your Organisation

Many organisations consider public relations work to be an afterthought. They think it's something that would be "nice" to have, may think that it's "something to do with advertising" or believe that it's something that only large organisations need. They are wrong on all counts. Why would it be beneficial for your company to engage in a consistent PR campaign?

What's PR?

While advertising and promotion definitely go hand-in-hand in terms of business development, they are very different animals. Advertising has a specific goal in mind, which is to create sales. Public relations work, on the other hand, paints a much bigger picture and creates a message that can be aimed at many different targets.

Lead Gen

For example, an effective public relations campaign can generate new leads for your business, and make the company a lot more visible to potential prospects. Without this type of campaign, your company may be invisible in crucial media outlets, where your potential new customers congregate.

Inward Investment

If you're looking for substantial business growth, an effective public relations campaign can bring your existence to the attention of potential venture capitalists and investors. Your company can be seen as a much more credible, stable and possibly lucrative opportunity once the messaging is honed correctly in a solid PR campaign.

Solid Recruitment

Good PR can establish your organisation as a thought leader in your industry. This can, in turn, help to recruit people interested in working for your company. You can potentially attract the brightest and best talent in this field and in turn become known as one of the most sought after employers of all. These benefits can extend to your existing staff as well. When they see that your company is maintaining a very high media profile and a certain buzz is being created about the organisation, they can feel more at ease with their prospects.

Avoid Confusion

Clarity of message should never be overemphasised. Many companies can benefit from a more formal approach to distributing their brand identity and key message correctly. This is where a cohesive PR effort can really shine, by ensuring that messages are carried across all promotional channels properly and with clarity.

Engage Experts

While it is certainly possible to undertake all public relations activity "in house," this work may not be entrusted to staff members who are either experienced in this field or aware of the latest in terms of distribution and positioning. This is why PR is often best handled by an agency highly experienced in not only the techniques but your specific field as well.